Countdown – Change

New Elk Rapids Live

Now having reassured all, I hope, that there is no Live revolution in the offing (see Countdown – Trends), here are some dramatic changes that are coming to Live soon.

  • ElkRapidsLiveMockUpEnhanced format
  • Advertising
  • Disclosed relationships with area newspapers
  • Contact information

Enhanced format
As noted in earlier postings (April 28, April 17), Live will indeed sport a new coat. It’s not a custom design, so it gives the appearance of an online newspaper, which its creator intended. But Live is not a newspaper. The format works well by providing remarkable flexibility to adapt to Live needs, present and future.

Home page features

  • Headline and Breaking News highlights: pointing to in-depth coverage in online area newspapers where it exists or waiting for it to appear
  • New menu at top for easier archive navigation
  • Sidebar content expanded for ease of use and focused content
  • Advertising (see below)

Ads will appear more regularly on Live. Local advertising will be more readily available and affordable. Policy that clearly defines what Live provides at no cost, such as public service announcements, and what must be paid advertising will be in place.

Disclosed relationships with area newspapers
At launch, Live will be an independent publication. Any future working relationships and agreements with local newspapers will be fully disclosed and described, when and if they occur. For now, Live relies on local papers to provide printed news and features, which Live can reference (with attribution), as well as in-depth online content. To the extent that printed or online coverage might not exist or cannot be referenced, Live plans to provide it, subject to bandwidth limitations inherent in a one-person company.

Contact info
Publisher name and phone number remain the same, but Live will feature new email and Web site addresses.

Terry Miller, Publisher

Note that the existing and addresses will continue to work for some time and that works now.

Get ready to greet the new Live!


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