Don Weeks remembered

I first met Don Weeks not long after I launched this blog, then The Elk Rapids Blog. He initially wrote to say how much he enjoyed reading it, and after that I would get a few comments from him on a variety of subjects. Like me, Don was interested in a wide variety of things, so my postings, his comments and our conversations were all over the map.

We did not get together often. As owner of Camelot Inn motel, he spent most of his time at his business. Once in awhile, I’d stop by the inn and talk with him across the front desk. More often than not, we’d schedule a meeting somewhere while he was out about town. The encounters were not long. Topics varied.

Don liked to write and to talk about writing. Occasionally he would pen a piece for my blog and other local publications. Here is an excerpt from the last one I got from him (with help from Jenna and Max).

Concert Review
         – by Don Weeks, Elk Rapids, Michigan, with help from Jenna & Max

It’s amazing how much sound can come from two guys with guitars, using no percussion other than foot-stomping and guitar-slapping. No electronic mumbo-jumbo like beat boxes or pre-recorded back-up music was present, which is a welcome treat and a tribute to tradition.    More…

Usually we would banter across numerous postings and comments. For example, I once posted his explanation for a ‘super moon.’ On another occasion, I teased him about possibly using a $60 pencil sharpener during his late nights at the Inn. For a complete list of Don’s postings, comments as well as references to him on Elk Rapids Live, search for Don Weeks in the Search box at right.

His passing came as a complete surprise. It’s even hard to reminisce about all our most recent encounters and spot any clues or portent – even any subtleties such as not using future tense.

I’ll miss him as will many in our community. Please be sure to join with me in extending condolences and prayers to the Weeks family at Camelot Inn.

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