A greeting card cartel?

motherdayI like holidays. I like Mothers Day. And I like giving greeting cards. But I have to wonder about card pricing. It appears that the simple Mothers Day card, which I buy for $4, costs the same across the entire U.S. with an already calculated price in effect throughout all of Canada. How can this be?

Conspiracy theorists, please investigate the usual suspects: Big government, Big business, Bigfoot…. I often hear legitimate concerns about an empire in Kansas, known as Hallmark, along with lingering suspicion that its new slogan might well be, “When you care enough to pay the very most.” But now there are dozens upon dozens of other card companies. (conspiracy alert: Are all card companies owned by Hallmark? Is Hallmark itself owned by an alien race?)

If price fixing is rampant among card companies, how do we seek redress during these no-government-regulation times? Boycott and then risk alienating motherly affection? Perhaps the only solution is to create our own cards and hope that our mothers still think we are 10 years old.

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1 Response to A greeting card cartel?

  1. william brit says:

    creating one’s own card has many advantiges–cost, better message and your mum will think you care more as you’ve made the effort to make it rather then just buy it!

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