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Coming next week – free of charge

Soon I’ll unveil the new look and features of Elk Rapids Live as well as a funding model that relies on advertising to pay expenses rather than the subscriptions I was considering. So there is some irony in my approach … Continue reading

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EZ Mart and Elk Rapids

As part of today’s interview, I asked Blarney Castle’s Bill McCarthy about an ongoing concern of mine, that businesses along our U.S. 31 corridor tend to cater to transients and do not plug into the community like they should. He assured … Continue reading

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From a newspaper reader

Elk Rapids Progress, first printed edition Elk Rapids Progress is Food for the Mind. I relish the thought of a future with tasty editions of ERP to feed my hunger for ratiocinative journalism!   —  Jo Polk-Matthews Thanks, Jo. Your comment … Continue reading

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Headline news

What follows is possibly the most vivid actual headline that I have seen in a local news source. Sewage Spill Washes Out Earth Day Plans Is there a Pulitzer Prize for headlines? For context, here is an excerpt from the … Continue reading

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‘Progress! Get your Elk Rapids Progress!’

Today at 10 a.m., the first edition of the printed version of The Elk Rapids Progress hit the streets. Copies are available free of charge in many places, most often where other no-charge publications are provided. Some of the available … Continue reading

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How (not so much, What) do we know?

Ya know? Today, isolating what we can know from mere noise is becoming the essential art of the educated: the skill, amid our convoluted and cacophonous digital-global conversation, to resolve for ourselves what so many gatekeepers of truth once resolved … Continue reading

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Subscribe to Live? Perhaps no need

As I have been revealing my intention to convert Elk Rapids Live to be paid-subscription based, there has been a mixed reaction. Although several readers expressed willingness to pay for content, many others did not. So I have been searching … Continue reading

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