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Opposing EZ Mart

Local resident Patti Celovsky recently commented on my interview with Bill McCarthy of Blarney Castle. I had heard the EZ Mart critique in an earlier public forum, but I had not seen very much of it on my blog, until … Continue reading

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EZ Mart and Elk Rapids

As part of today’s interview, I asked Blarney Castle’s Bill McCarthy about an ongoing concern of mine, that businesses along our U.S. 31 corridor tend to cater to transients and do not plug into the community like they should. He assured … Continue reading

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Whither EZ Mart?

I noticed with interest that the Blarney Castle application for an EZ Mart at U.S. 31 and First Street in Elk Rapids is not on the Village Planning Commission agenda for the Tuesday meeting. So I first checked with the … Continue reading

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That was EZ

Local resident Steve Miller does important field research at an outlying EZ Mart, testing the freshness of an on-site Hershey bar. His report: “That went down EZ.”

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EZ Mart revisited

The EZ Mart proposal, which is the subject of a Special Use Permit (SUP) process by the Planning Commission, has generated considerable public comment, including a rather strong written opinion from me. While I continue to hold the same opinion, … Continue reading

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My considered opinion on the EZ Mart application

EZ Mart or “No Mart” Preface: I have blogged about EZ Mart for several months, all the while expressing my joys and concerns, but not forming an opinion until today – one that might surprise some of my readers, because … Continue reading

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Blarney Castle Oil was on Planning Commission agenda

Updated with drawings and completed highlights Tonight the Village Planning Commission held a public hearing on the application of the Blarney Castle Oil Company to build a 5,000 sq. ft. EZ Mart in Elk Rapids at the corner of First … Continue reading

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