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Geezers speak

Gray panthers, unite! Feel like the office geezer? Age may be an asset at work, or no issue at all, according to an AP-LifeGoesStrong.com poll. Nearly half of those born between 1946 and 1964 now work for a younger boss, … Continue reading

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Is it all about creating jobs?

I have noticed of late that there is an oft-occurring, near reverential awe accompanying the notion of creating jobs in America. It appears that many want to divide the working world into two distinct categories: those who create jobs and … Continue reading

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A rather foolish repeal effort

This is your helmetless head. This is it after a motorcycle accident. Any questions? Please supply your own mental image for the above tag line. Although I show Easy Geezer with the wind freely blowing through his gray hair and … Continue reading

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Poem for geezers

Thanks to Dan LeBlond for sending this Ode to Old. A row of bottles on my shelfCaused me to analyze myself.One yellow pill I have to popGoes to my heart so it won’t stop.A little white one that I takeGoes … Continue reading

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Geezer workforce

The Gray Panthers Older workers are an ace in the hole for the U.S. economy, if economic conditions and the typical age bias allow it. The statistics tell the story. Gray labor – 55-years and beyond – will account for … Continue reading

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A geezer game of chicken?

It’s walker vs. auto in the first recorded instance of “Geezer Chicken,” a new extreme sport for those high on a potent mixture of Geritol and Metamucil. This video will likely spawn copycat chicken encounters  throughout the land.  Video

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Geezer Awareness

Along comes a way for ‘yutes’ to become more sensitive to the problems of aging. Let’s add the ‘em’ to pathetic. Natasha Singer writes in NYT: IT’S not easy being gray. For the first time ever, getting out of a … Continue reading

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