The Sunshine Redemption

Blogging from FL today

By now, normally die-hard non-Snowbirds like me have braved winter’s worst up north and strut with a mixture of sinful pride and a bit of scorn down River Street as the epitome of rugged individualists who brave the frigid elements and don’t wimp out by relocating to warmer climes.

But this winter, following a very nice invitation to visit a Floridian friend, we have Snowbirded to a roost on the Treasure Coast. Weather has been glorious, food exceptional, rejuvenation of the spirit — priceless.

Therefore, upon my return home, I might have to forego future strutting and make this a yearly pilgrimage.

There is one daunting aspect to my return. We flew out of Lansing and I don’t recall where the car is located in long-term parking. So I might be unceremoniously reintroduced to snow and cold by tramping back and forth in the lot.  8~(


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